The Racing DNA of Silk Way Rally

2 Years ago

The Silk Way Rally is a 10-day race that encompasses 3 countries – starting in Russia, continuing to Mongolia and concluding in China. Each country brings a different flair to the mix that helps the rally become the unique event it is.

The race starts in Russia, the pioneer of the world’s first and only snow rally which took place in 2017. The challenging conditions provoked wholesale vehicular modifications – the cars need specialized tunings to maintain their traction. Once the sun sets during the Silk Way Rally, our bikers will go through similarly cold temperatures. Layering up at nights is a must.


(Image Credit: X-Raid)

Then comes the great vastness of the Gobi Desert, stretching from southern Mongolia to northern China. Mongolia has a rich rally culture which involves having races where the riders aren’t given mapped-out routes. The thrill for them was discovering the unknown. During these stages, great steppes and strait roads create very good traction, allowing our riders to truly push it.


(Image Credit: Stone Horse Mongolia)

Finally, China. A rally covering the country was recently part of the Dakar series, and for good reason. The terrains in China consist of huge dunes. Once our riders go up, it’s a long way down.

It comes together as a mishmash of cultures wrapped around a race with a singular goal. Surpass these contrasting conditions first and the White Tiger Cup awaits. Oriol Mena and Paulo Goncalves are ready to #RaceTheLimits for this one!


(Image Credit: New York Times)