The Rally Life Decoded: Behind the Man, Machine and Team

2 Years ago

Episode 1: The Machine


What does it take to build a machine capable of making it through thousands of kilometres of the harshest terrains on Earth? Riding a motorcycle through the desert at speed exposes riders to the elements. However, the machines are custom built to ensure survivability in the worst situations. JRod shares his insights into what makes a bike Dakar Ready, ahead of the 2019 Dakar Rally.

Episode 2: The Team


Away from the spotlight, the team keeps our bikes in top condition for the riders. The mechanics are hard at work between stages with whatever resources are available at hand, keeping bikes in top shape for whatever riders may encounter on the road and doing their best to prevent any situations that may arise due to damage and wear.

Episode 3: Racing The Limits


What do riders experience at the world's toughest rallies? It's often hard to summarise in words. It's often said that no two rallies are the same. Experience has shown us that this is true, since each new rally brings with it a unique set of challenges of challenges and obstacles. This year's challenge? 3000 km of special stages that are made up of 70% sand. We're ready to #RaceTheLimits.

Episode 4: The Riders


How do you build a team of Heroes? Every rider brings unique qualities to a team. Our three riders have contrasting backgrounds and yet it all comes together when we are racing. Team Manager Waffi discusses the riders of Hero Motosports Team Rally and what they bring to the table. #RaceTheLimits.