Out in the rugged, mountainous terrains off Pune city, 150+ off-roading enthusiasts and rally racers got their best weekend of a lifetime. Hero MotoSports presented a unique opportunity for them to train with our factory rider, top Dakar racer, and former international SX & MX champion – Joaquim Rodrigues, a.k.a JRod. The day enriched the participants with first-hand insights from the world’s toughest racing events, encouraging stories of grit and valour, and on-hands training on all things off-road. A powerful off-road track action show by the Hero MotoSports team awed the audience, and underlined the might of our men and machines. The participants spent the rest of the day unlearning and re-learning from the best – body positioning techniques, bike handling, riding on diverse terrains like sand and rock, uphill and downhill riding, handling corners and jumps, and the most interesting of all – Roadbook navigation! The icing on the cake was a thrilling roadbook trail ride on the mountains, along with the Hero MotoSports team. Stay tuned for more Bootcamps coming your way!