DAKAR 2019

Stage 4 : Moquegua, Peru


Hero MotoSports Team Rally placed strongly at the end of stage 4

The 1st half of the Marathon stage promised the competitors a mix of 70% soft terrain, fesh-fesh and about 30% of gravel and stony terrain, a perfect formula for another fast yet tricky stage that ran for a total of 511kms today including 351km long special. Continuing his impressive run from yesterday, Oriol Mena brought home another strong finish for the team. Playing the terrain on its merits, his judgement on when to push hard and when to be cautious was spot on again, allowing him to post yet another solid stage finish at 11th position as he entered the Marathon bivouac today. His performance allowed him to retain his 12th position in the overall standings at the end of stage 4

Joaquim Rodrigues started the stage at the back and had to be contented with riding cautiously for the first part of the Marathon, as the dust from the front riders made it almost impossible to push ahead without taking unwanted risks. Later on, he gained several positions to finish the stage in the 30th place, enabling him to retain 31st in the overall standings

Santosh too had a cautious run today, aiming to get himself and the bike in a good condition to the Marathon stage considering that no assistance will be available today to attend to the bikes and the riders. He finished the stage in 51st place and stands 44th in the overall standings.


"It was not easy for me to catch up in the first part today as I was riding mostly in the dust from the guys in front of me. So I decided to stay out of the risks and just tried to avoid the dust"


"The first part of the stage up to the neutralization was extremely fast. I got into a nice rhythm and rode with the leading group for most of the first part. "


"Well today I rode the whole stage in the dust, trying to pass the guys in front of me but also be safe at the same time. It was really tricky as there was so much of fesh-fesh around."


Provisional Stage 4 Results

01Ricky BrabecHonda Factory Racing03h 40m 30
02Matthias WalkneKTM Factory Racing+06m 19
03Toby PriceKTM Factory Racing+07m 07
11Oriol MenaHero MotoSports Team Rally+17m 16s
30Joaquim RodriguesHero MotoSports Team Rally+36m 50
51C S SantoshHero MotoSports Team Rally+01h 17m 39s

Provisional Overall Results

01Ricky BrabecHonda Factory Racing12h 33m 00s
02Pablo QuintanillaHusqvarna Factory Racing+2m 19s
03Toby PriceKTM Factory Racing+04m 22s
12Oriol MenaHero MotoSports Team Rally+35m 17s
31Joaquim RodriguesHero MotoSports Team Rally+02h 30m 51s
44C S SantoshHero MotoSports Team Rally+03h 43m 57s